Retirement Board

Worry-free Care

Salty, age 30

At Autumn Ridge we know that your horse has been your trusted companion. When it is time for retirement you want to be sure he is given only the best care. At Autumn Ridge Farm, we give the same level of customized care to our retirees as we do to all of our horses. Each day your horse receives two feedings for a total of up to 8 pounds of feed plus up to 20 pounds of hay. We feed only square bales so that we are certain of the contents of our hay. Horses have a constant supply of salt and water and are visually checked at least twice a day.

Retired horses are turned out as much as possible in order to encourage activity and interaction with their pasture mates. The quality of our retirement care can be seen in the condition of the horse pictured. Salty was 30 years old when this picture was taken.

Types of Board

We offer two types of board for our retirees, stall board and field board. Stall boarded horses are kept in our main stable and turned out with the main herd. Field boarded retirees are kept in a field with a run-in shed and are pastured with other retirees. Field boarded mares and geldings are pastured together. Board includes all the services provided for our "working" boarders. Click on Boarding for a description of these services. In addition, retirement board includes four trims per year and weekly grooming.


Even though your horse is retired we know that you are concerned about his well-being. We will send you a written report at least twice a year so you will know that your horse is happy and healthy.


Retirement stall board is $345.00 to $355.00 per month. Retirement field board is $270.00 per month. Use of riding facilities and trails is not included in retirement board.

Rates are subject to change.

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